Meet Hannah

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Meet Hannah

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Hannah is credentialed with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a Nationally recognized Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Hannah knows the key to resolving our national health crisis is to empower individuals to achieve better health from better nutrition. Hannah explains “better nutrition is much simpler than most think, regardless of their resources. Thus, Hannah created an individualized approach to each client. She provides the client with what the client is searching for. She is so passionate about helping others solve and get through issues that might be going on. Hannah wants you to be happy and love yourself.

She has Three Main Philosophies:iStock_dietitian

1. Practice Body Love

Another way to say it: Be nice to yourself. Eat well and exercise because you love your body and want to take care of it, not because it is what “you should do.” The only way to be successful and stay motivated is to stop judging yourself and be kind. That doesn’t mean you have to just accept the weight and health you have, but it does mean to say nice things to yourself as you work to create change and improvements.

Good News- The more you practice this on yourself the easier it gets.

2. You’re The Boss:

No one magic way to eat exists. Celebrities, Empty Promises Infomercials, Meals that come in Boxes and land on your doorstep, and even research and reputuable gurus contradict each other. You can draw inspiration from all the sources, but tune into what works for YOU! Slow down and listen to what your body is telling you.

3. Some Secrets Leaked…

Focusing on change that is complicated or feels like a drag is a recipe for failure. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Far better to keep change simple. Look at everything you do as a “win.” Progress takes that kind of mindset. Above all, start with things you “want to” change, instead of those things you think you should do or “have to.” Something magical happens to people when they are excited about what they are doing.
I am an Expert In:
Individualized eating strategies based on personality, preferences, and lifestyle.

Healthy habit creation and motivation.

Thinking pattern therapy to stop self-sabotage.


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“I found not only a qualified dietician, but a dietitian who is committed to helping me to learn how to eat well,  and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Hannah is helping me to achieve my health and weight loss goals, by providing me with my very own customized meal plans alone with proper nutritional counseling.   I know that Hannah truly cares about me obtaining a healthier lifestyle and I am on my way to achieving just that.”


“I had a wonderful experience with Hannah. I absolutely loved it. It’s overwhelming to think about how many calories I’m consuming and the knowledge and guidance I gained and made it easy for me to understand my diet. I’ve been with Balanced Nutrition for Life for over a year now and I think receiving daily feedback from Hannah is the difference to my weight loss success.”

-Sarah Tylers

“This is such a better way, in my view, to monitor food intake. The other programs that I’ve seen just let you log it–but there is not even an automated analysis of the choices. I like the daily guidance and the opportunity to ask questions. I’ve already recommended the program to others who I know have goal of eating better.”

-Paul Long

“I have used Hannah’s Nutrition Service for six months. My interest in her service was getting control of my diet to support good bone health and Calcium enhancement. She was always there on a timely basis and was always eager to get started with my goal which was presented at the first session. Hannah provided articles in advance of each session to support the discussion of the day as well as rotating weekly menu plans. The plans were based on the exact calorie count to guide me with my issues. Her service was so effective that I now have the discipline to continue my goal on my own.
-Flora R. Charlotte, NC

“I have my own Dietitian providing me personal feedback and advice for each day I record my meals. It’s not an automated service like the other programs.”

-Tracey Thomsen